Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It Came From The Bottom of My CD's, Volume 1

Surgery - Shimmer
Atlantic Records 1994

One of the worst selling titles in Atlantic Records history, the major label debut (and swan song[1]) from NYC's Surgery is a near-permanent reminder that sometimes, a thing of beauty must be lie undiscovered and dormant for God knows how long. (I guess if they could've gone with a name like "The Sean McDonnell Blues Explosion", they might've fulfilled their major-label promise)

Riffs that Queens of the Stone Age would trade their famous friends for, taut and unforgiving grooves that Rage Against the Machine all bought houses and Ferraris from (courtesy of RATM's first producer GGGarth), all provided without losing any of the scuzz from their days at stalwart paincore label Amphetamine Reptile.

The only good thing about selling just 499,900 CD's short of gold is that this shiny racket can be found online for about 50 cents.

[1]Sadly, Surgery vocalist Sean McDonnell passed away early in 1995, from complications related to his asthma. Surgery probably would've broken up soon anyway, but I bet they'd be on the comeback trail by now.

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At 11:39 PM , Blogger Janiss said...

Unfortunately, Atlantic probably handed out more comp copies to press people than this record actually sold. Fortunately - for me - I'm one of the press people who got Shimmer on vinyl! I've republished my RIP magazine story online -

At 12:04 PM , Blogger Tim said...

No joke! That's how I got mine. My roommate at the time was their tour manager briefly.

Your story was the shit. Thanks for linking that.


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