Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gas Up The Zamboni, Lucifer

Tim has a myspace page.

Someone actually told me last week, "I can't believe you don't have a myspace page." As if something about me screams, "I don't like traditional human gatherings at all," or "I have a great need to show other people how much coolness I've listened to/watched/read/met".

Some things I've noticed in my first few active days:

Apparently, I don't have enough pictures of myself.

I'm actually feeling less comfortable and more insecure the further past 5 or 6 "friends" I go.

It's not a very user-friendly site. I guess it'll take a while to get used to its workings, but why?
[Here's an example: You can't carry on a conversation via the "comments" on someone's myspace page. You can respond to a comment they left on your page, but not on your page. So you're left with a comments section that's exactly one-half of some conversation. I don't think I'll be tossing around too many of those.]

People are not only extremely eager to ask people to be their "friend", but also just as eager to say "yes" to being someone else's.

We'll see how this works out. I've gotta go take about 24 pics of myself now.


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