Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I Thought He Liked The Scrunchy Face

From Patton Oswalt's blog:

Stop writing in public. On a laptop. Anything you're writing in Starbucks? It's going to suck. The Daniel Powter song you're listening to is bleeding out of your earplugs, and I can't read my fucking comics. Go write like normal people -- alone, in a small dark room. With the door shut. Writing doesn't look cool the way it does in movies. Your lips move, your face scrunches up, and sometimes you zone out when you're writing one of those shitty, cliche passages that you can't ever avoid putting in your stuff. You know, something like, "...but he knows it's hopeless". Jesus, you should look at yourself when you write shit like that. I have. It's not pretty. That needs to happen behind a locked door, in the dark. Think of it this way. You're fucking a cheap whore. Don't do it in public. Thank you.

Which pretty much says it all about writing in public. Well, except for what I'm about to say...

I had an enlightening first night of Writing, Not Planning. I tested Oswalt's thesis, and damned if he isn't basically right. It's tough to write in public, especially in public where you know every single person in the room. While it wasn't blatantly obvious I was typing anything weightier than "What R U up 2?", it was evident that no one was going to give me any time at all to put down much more than that.

I'm not writing on the outside again. Not if I want to get anything done. It's not like I need an excuse to not write.

What R U up 2?


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