Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Heavy Music for The Non-Retarded

On a suggestion from big fan (and pretty good judge of What I'd Like) Jason Hurt, I picked up the new Built to Spill, You In Reverse.

All I remembered about BTS was the Perfect From Now On CD and a blistering cover of Neil Young & Crazy Horse's Cortez the Killer on a live CD in the jukebox of Pensacola's late, lamented Room 1026. Hadn't thought much of them since. I may have some catching up to do.

All you Bud Light-addled, road ragin', unfortunately tattooed nu-metal fans out there haven't heard heavy 'til you've snuggled up to a track like Reverse's opener, Goin' Against Your Mind (check it out for free on BTS' MySpace page). 8 minutes long, and you don't hear Doug Martsch sing a note until the 2:05 mark. And he probably doesn't sing for more than a minute total. It's a wall of sound so much more dense than what Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Godsmack, or any of those other former-guitar-store-employees' bands could come up with.


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