Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tattoo Huh?!

Ironically, I'm gonna say the internet fucking sucks now [1]. As an opener to an entry on my fucking blog.

My estimation: four people read my blog, of which two will notice I've posted something new this year. And at least one of them (xoxoxo, my darling bride) won't bother to linky the link, so here's a summary: Tattoo You, in my estimation one of the very finest records ever produced by the Rolling Stones (and as such one of the finest records of all the early 80's)[2] , was actually a glorified hodge-podge of outtakes. A compendium of what even a drug-addled Quintet of Dunces predisposed to optimism and delusions of grandeur considered a waste of time and record-label money.

And by the way Wikipedia, Santa Claus is really your parents.

My favorite band of all time, The Replacements, once released a collection of such throwaways, compiled over a similar length of time. My unwavering support of that band notwithstanding, you can slumber tonight (and tomorrow night, and the night after, etc...) knowing that you're not missing much by not ever hearing those 'Mats "gems".

And so, in terms of giving Mick-n-Keef the benefit of the doubt, I'm henceforth choosing to ignore the Wikipedia in this instance, and will only accept that Jagger's horribly discomfiting Dancing in the Streets duet with Bowie is the only unreleased Stones-related material from that time period.

[1] Until tomorrow, when I will no doubt kiss the internet's shiny html'd head because it revealed to me just how many recognized covers of "Across the Universe" exist in the world.

[2] Just behind Journey's Escape--hey, girls weren't accepting french kisses while "Little T&A" was playing. So you can suck it.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Homonym? Eunonym? Ho-ho-nym!

Yeah, other than blindly surfing the Brilliant Tide of Holt, I got nothing.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Anything Worth Allen Doing, Is Worth Tim Blithely Ripping Off.

Leave it to Allen Holt, the only man I know who needs a 32-hour day more than me, to lay a hammer not only to his own creative dam but to mine as well:

I’m kicking off a new "get my creativity flowin’" project for myself: The 3×5 Project. Why 3×5? Because the whole thing centers around three-inch-by-five-inch index cards.

Here’s the deal: Every day during 2008 (stop scoffing!), I plan to do something on a 3×5 unlined index card. That might be a drawing or cartoon, it might be a word I want to use more, it might be an inspirational quote or song lyric… but it will be something done by hand on one side of a 3×5 card.

I'm a day behind him (as usual), but I will be participating 365 days in a row, beginning with today's card. While this is in a likelihood the only one I'll actually post, maybe at the end of the run I'll publish all of them as a collage. The kind that will cause some sort of seizure in the very old and very young. The kind of piece that will be copied and placed in whatever permanent file the FBI's been filling since the day I quit kindergarten.